How To Plan A Good Pregnancy?

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There are no prohibitions or taboos in undergoing when intercourse is carried out while undergoing a pregnancy program, unless it is planned by the obstetrician who treats it.

Regarding fertility honey, honey is believed to help increase fertility. However, this still has to be proven scientifically about the truth. Fertility honey can be included as an herbal supplement. Regarding herbal supplements, we cannot recommend or prohibit their consumption because their benefits have not been scientifically proven. If you want to consume fertility honey, make sure the supplement is registered with BPOM and does not contain any harmful additives.

If you have previously received a pregnancy program from an obstetrician, I suggest that you and your husband return to the obstetrician for control so that a re-evaluation can be carried out and later a more optimal pregnancy program can be given. You can also consult further about the possibility of BO. Basically, women who have experienced BO can have a healthy pregnancy in the next pregnancy. That way you don't have to worry about it.

Some tips that can be done to help the program get pregnant:

Have sex 3-4x/week and especially during the fertile period Get used to a healthy lifestyle: adequate rest, regular exercise, avoid stress, maintain ideal body weight Consumption of folic acid Avoid raw, undercooked, smoking, and alcohol consumption Increase consumption of food additives sperm and fertilizing foods. As for your husband, there are some tips for maintaining sperm quality, namely by getting used to a healthy lifestyle and consuming sperm-boosting foods, maintaining an ideal body weight, avoiding smoking and alcohol, avoiding warm/hot showers, and avoiding wearing tight pants. too tight huh.

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