How To Prevent Cancer That Is Transmitted From Dog Hair?

Illustration of How To Prevent Cancer That Is Transmitted From Dog Hair?
Illustration: How To Prevent Cancer That Is Transmitted From Dog Hair?

night, I have a puppy that has not been vaccinated. the feathers fall out and fly everywhere, sometimes even inhaled. I just read that dog hair triggers breast cancer, how can I prevent it? is the routine vaccine confirmed to not get breast cancer? beg for your help, thank you.

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Until now, there is no research or expert opinion, that cancer can be contagious or cancer in humans is triggered by dog ​​hair inhaled by humans. Even if your dog has not been vaccinated, but dog hair does not trigger breast cancer. If a dog's hair triggers breast cancer (whether from a dog that has been vaccinated or not), in general dogs will be dangerous to humans so public health agencies will prohibit or give special warnings for women not to keep dogs. Because there is no research to support it or there is no official warning about dog hair, this is incorrect information. So you don't need to worry about the risk of dog hair on breast cancer in humans.
What you need to know about breast cancer, breast cancer in women can be triggered by several things, such as:
1. old age
2. genetic or a family history of cancer
3. cigarettes
4. radiation
5. hormone replacement therapy
6. have never been pregnant
7. an unhealthy lifestyle
The existence of cell mutations from breast tissue that changes into malignant cells can be influenced by several factors above. But indeed, not all of these factors will definitely cause cancer, but can increase a woman's risk with cancer.
Therefore, in general there are no risk factors in the form of animals or animal hair that trigger the emergence of breast knakers, so your concern cannot be strengthened by medical evidence.
However, if you feel any discomfort with this condition, you can consult your surgeon directly for an examination and screening of your general health. Doctors can plan a physical examination of cancer detection or investigations to detect cancer. this can be done regularly, either about 1 or a few years. With periodic cancer detection, the risk of cancer can be minimized and an early diagnosis of a cancer can be made for treatment as early as possible.
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