How To Prevent Hand Foot And Mouth Disease (HFMD)?

Illustration of How To Prevent Hand Foot And Mouth Disease (HFMD)?
Illustration: How To Prevent Hand Foot And Mouth Disease (HFMD)?

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HFMD (hand foot and mouth disease, Singapore flu) is a disease caused by Coxsackievirus A16 virus infection. This disease often affects children and toddlers. Clinically, this disease is characterized by fever, laryngitis, weakness, decreased appetite, and the appearance of red rashes that are often runny and painful in the oral cavity (tongue, gums, and inner cheeks), hands, feet, and sometimes also in buttocks.

The virus that causes HFMD can be transmitted very easily through contact with:

Nasal and throat secretions, such as those that come out when a person coughs, spits, or sneezes
Fluid that comes out of the rash on the skin

The highest transmission period occurs in the first week when symptoms begin to appear. However, it did not rule out the transmission also occurred after symptoms began to feel better.

To help minimize the risk of transmission of this disease, you can do the following tips:

Consult with the nursery to isolate children who suffer from HFMD so as not to transmit to other children
Familiarize children diligently washing their hands using antiseptic soap
Make sure the nursery environment is always cleaned every day
Avoid the child from the habit of pinching a finger or inserting objects carelessly in his mouth
Give children the understanding not to exchange personal items, including eating and drinking utensils, with other children
Increase your child's endurance by giving him a lot to drink, eating balanced nutritious food, and also allowing him enough rest

Regarding the consumption of additional immune supplements as you mentioned, this may be done as long as your child does not show symptoms of allergies after taking them. However, for consumption every day, especially over a long period of time (more than 1 week), we recommend that you consult it first with your doctor or pediatrician who examines your child directly.

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