How To Prevent Preeclampsia In The Second Pregnancy?

Illustration of How To Prevent Preeclampsia In The Second Pregnancy?
Illustration: How To Prevent Preeclampsia In The Second Pregnancy?

In the first pregnancy in April 2019, I experienced severe preeclampsia. tension 150/100 and protein +3. I gave birth at the age of 33w with bb / tb baby 1250 grams / 38 cm. 1 month after my blood pressure returned to normal but my protein was still +3 for 5 months. then after I was handled by Dr. My protein internist dropped to +1 but hasn’t totally disappeared. u003cbr u003eIn my first pregnancy I started with an upset stomach since the middle of the 1st trimester but the doctor always said to be an ulcer (I had an acute ulcer before so I know the difference in the pain), because my stomach ache is getting sicker finally in the early 2nd trimester I started nausea vomiting until the beginning of trimester 3 (in the early trimester never nausea vomiting), at the age of 4 months there has begun to be swelling in the legs and fingers, age 5 months it turns out my BB increase was 6 kg within a month (after that every month my BB increase 4-5 kg ‚Äč‚Äčeven though the diet is not large), at the age of 6 months I consulted the midwife if my feet were very swollen and finally carried out urine and protein tests were +1 but the blood pressure was still normal and the midwife said it was okay maybe because of lack of calcium (even though I was diligent take calcium pills, drink milk, and yogurt). by 7 months the blood pressure had risen to 143/95 but several times it had dropped between 130/90 and 130/80. at that time I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. at the age of 8 months the protein is +3 and the blood pressure is 150/100. albumin continues to fall even though it was transfused which finally made the doctor’s reference that I should be born. u003cbr u003My doctor said that I should not get pregnant again for 4 years so that the hormone forgets if preeclampsia has ever occurred. Will it really disappear after 4 years? what should I do to prevent it?

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Hello Firzatus, thanks for the question.

Preeclampsia is a condition of hypertension (blood pressure equal to or more than 140/90 mmHg) in pregnancy. The condition of preeclampsia is also accompanied by protein in the urine, changes in the volume and appearance of urine, blurred vision, headaches, swelling especially in the legs or arms, and nausea and vomiting. Someone at risk of experiencing preeclampsia if:

Have hypertension before pregnancy.
Have preeclampsia in a previous pregnancy.
Twin Pregnant.
Very young age or age above 40 years.
First pregnancy.
Have diabetes, kidney disorders, or autoimmune diseases.

Of course even if someone does not have the risk factors mentioned above, the possibility of preeclampsia still exists. Unfortunately, until now there has been no proven effective way to prevent preeclampsia. The mechanism of occurrence is unclear, so prevention is difficult.

You can try to:

Rest regularly, sleep 7-8 hours a night.
Limit strenuous activities.
Exercise that is suitable for pregnancy.
Try to gain weight before pregnancy in the normal range.
Reduce salt intake.
Avoid fast food and preserved food.
Drink 2 L water per day.
Increase the intake of vegetables and fruit.
Take antioxidant supplements such as vitamin C or E, as long as there is no prohibition from the doctor.
Perform strict antenatal care. Blood pressure and urine protein must always be monitored. Report immediately to the doctor if you experience symptoms of preeclampsia.

That is my explanation. May be useful. Regards.

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