How To Prevent Pregnancy During Late Menstruation?

Hello, I want to ask, I am late for menstruation starting in December until the current month and I do not wish to become pregnant, because I still want to enjoy my youth with my husband.

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 Thank you for using the consulting service
 We understand the concerns that you feel
 Have you done a simple check-up with a testpack to find out your current pregnancy?
 Have you used contraception if you plan to postpone pregnancy after marriage?

Pregnancy can occur when the egg meets sperm in the fallopian tubes. Pregnancies that have occurred cannot be terminated / terminated unless there are medical indications that are evaluated directly by the obstetrician. Stopping pregnancy intentionally without a medical basis and without the consent of a doctor is a matter that is strongly opposed by normal religion and the state and may be subject to criminal law.
 Therefore, if you have tested positive for pregnancy through a testpack, immediately check with the nearest doctor or obstetrician to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound examination (USG).

If the pregnancy has not yet occurred and want to postpone having offspring, immediately use contraception that can help you and your partner to prevent pregnancy. There are various choices of contraception, ranging from condoms, injectable birth control, hormonal birth control pills, and IUDs which are quite often used by women who want to postpone pregnancy.
 Consult further with the nearest doctor and obstetrician so that you get more complete and relevant information.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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