How To Prevent Smallpox Transmission For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of How To Prevent Smallpox Transmission For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: How To Prevent Smallpox Transmission For Pregnant Women?

I was about to ask. I am pregnant with my second child 33 weeeks .. On May 27, my child has chicken pox and I immediately separated from my child because I told the obstetrician to separate. what I want to ask, r n1. how long do I have to be apart from my first child? r n2. If I return home, how do I sterilize the rooms with chickenpox? R n3. If I catch it, what will it do to me or my fetus? And how are the treatment steps. R nThank you in advance

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Pregnant women are one of the population that is more susceptible to contracting chickenpox (varicella). This transmission is facilitated because the endurance of pregnant women tends to decrease. This risk is of greater potential if:

Have never had chickenpox before Have never had a chickenpox vaccine Have problems with immunity (for example, suffer from HIV / AIDS, diabetes, malnutrition, or take long-term steroid drugs) Work in public facilities (e.g. schools, hospitals) Live at home with chickenpox sufferers The transmission of chickenpox during pregnancy can be dangerous not only for the mother, but also for the fetus you are carrying. In women, contracting chickenpox during pregnancy has the risk of making the mother more prone to complications, such as pneumonia (inflammation of the lung parenchyma), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain parenchyma), or hepatitis (inflammation of the liver cells). If you are infected with chickenpox at more than 20 weeks of pregnancy, the chances of this complication will occur. Meanwhile, in the unborn fetus, chickenpox infection at 33 weeks of gestation has the risk of causing the baby to be born with chickenpox (if the birth occurs very close to the time of infection), or also experiencing viral reactivation in the form of shingles (shingles) after birth. later.

To prevent this infection, you need to separate yourself from someone who has chickenpox, even if he or she is your own child. The potential for transmission can occur from 1-2 days before the rash appears to after the rash dries up and becomes scabs (usually about 1 week after the rash appears). Therefore, you need to separate from your child for at least 1 to 2 weeks after the symptoms of chickenpox appear. After the child has recovered, to minimize the possibility of a virus still remaining in the house, you should ask your husband or close relative to help clean the area of ​​the house, change the curtains, and also the bed linen. Improve ventilation and lighting in your home environment. Do not forget, diligently take a shower and wash your hands, use a mask, and maintain your immune system by increasing the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C and other nutritional sources. Do not forget, consult directly with your obstetrician regarding whether or not you need to get the chickenpox vaccine.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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