How To Prevent TB Transmission?

Illustration of How To Prevent TB Transmission?
Illustration: How To Prevent TB Transmission?

, I suffer from active tuberculosis, and still do routine treatment by taking OAT. but I share a house with my younger siblings who are still in grades 5sd and 6sd. r nHow do doctors advise my sister not to have TB, and what should I do? Are you not infected with germs? r nThank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at Tuberculosis is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These bacteria mainly attack the lungs and cause symptoms in the form of a prolonged cough, bloody phlegm, weight loss and night sweats, but can also attack other parts of the body such as the bones, glands, and the brain.

Among the risk factors for a person to get tuberculosis are:

Living with people with tuberculosis Decreased immunity, such as those with HIV / AIDS or receiving chemotherapy Living in slum areas The house does not have good air circulation and no sunlight is available. Seniors and children Smokers

Regarding your question, we understand your concern for your sister. Among the things you can do to reduce the possibility of transmission as much as possible are:

You have to wear a mask, it would be better if your younger sibling is the same way when you are at home Make sure sunlight comes into the house and open all windows so that air circulation is good and bacteria can be blown out. Avoid spitting or throwing phlegm carelessly. It is best if you do this in the toilet and water it right away. If you are not using a mask, cover your mouth when you sneeze, cough and laugh. You can also use a tissue and throw it away immediately. Consume your medicine regularly

For the period of transmission, it has been said that usually after 2 weeks of intensive treatment, patients are no longer transmitting bacteria. But to be on the safe side, because everyone is different, and the bacteria that can infect you can be resistant bacteria, you should wait at least 1-2 months to feel safe. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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