How To Prevent The Increase In Androgen Hormones In Women?

Illustration of How To Prevent The Increase In Androgen Hormones In Women?
Illustration: How To Prevent The Increase In Androgen Hormones In Women?

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We understand your complaints and concerns. Hyperandrogen in women is a condition of increasing androgen hormones that can cause certain disorders. Androgen hormones are normally produced in small amounts in women, to assist the smooth process of reproduction such as egg maturity and hair growth in several areas of the body. This hormone is more common in men than women. The following symptoms can be found in conditions of hyperandrogen / excess androgen hormones, including:

Irregular menstrual cycles. Generally the menstrual cycle is known in the early years after the first menstruation occurs.
Fertility disorders that cause polycystic ovary syndrome / PCOS
Hirsutism, abnormal hair growth in several parts of the body such as mustache, beard, chest, legs and baldness / alopecia

Severe pimples that occur widely in several areas of the body and are difficult to remove even with topical medication / topical and oral medication
Some cases are found in obese women

Related to your question, acne that appears in the area of ​​your face is not necessarily caused by the condition of excess androgen hormones. Acne in hyperandrogens is included in the moderate to severe category and is difficult to overcome even with medical therapy. Acne is inflammation that occurs due to blocked hair follicles that contain oil and become a place for bacterial growth. Acne can arise due to age, daily hygiene, hormonal, food, environmental conditions and stress experienced.
Regarding acne and irregular menstrual cycles during the past two months, it is most likely caused by female hormonal factors, in this case both the hormones estrogen and progesterone also influence women's reproductive activities. Other factors such as stress and environmental conditions around you can also trigger acne and your menstrual cycle.
Environmental conditions around you that do not support health (the husband of a heavy smoker) can also be a trigger for the condition that you are experiencing. Please note that cigarette smoke contains thousands of poisons that can affect all biological activities of the human body and cause various abnormalities. Smoking can also affect fertility in men which can interfere with sperm production both in terms of quality and quantity.
If you want to consume fertility drugs, it is better to consult with a gynecologist in order to get the right information regarding the choice of drugs that are safe for consumption.
Here are some tips on maintaining women's reproductive health:

Perform a healthy lifestyle
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Inadequate water needs
Avoid stress and fatigue / strenuous activities
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol consumption
Regular exercise
Maintain ideal body weight
Limit coffee consumption and reduce staying up late

Do not hesitate to do a consultation and examination to an obstetrician to assess the fertility of you and your husband. Some checks such as sperm analysis on the husband and hormone testing on women can also help to assess the fertility of a married couple who want a pregnancy. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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