How To Quickly Menstruate?

Illustration of How To Quickly Menstruate?
Illustration: How To Quickly Menstruate?

I haven’t been menstruating and I want to get married next week and want to enter the mosque and how do I get my period to come? My period should come on the 1st, finish on the 5th, and already on the 9th and be afraid to want to get married.

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According to Muslim beliefs, women who are menstruating are indeed prohibited from entering the mosque, except for emergency reasons. So, how is the condition if you are going to get married in the mosque?

Making menstruation faster or slower is possible in the medical sphere in several ways. One common practice is to provide hormonal drugs such as birth control pills. With this drug, it is hoped that the hormones that regulate menstruation can be modified in such a way that menstruation can be predicted. It could also, if menstruation is delayed, your doctor will prescribe anti-bleeding drugs or special vitamins for you.

Of course, the selection of these drugs should not be done haphazardly. The doctor needs to first evaluate your overall health condition to evaluate whether you are indeed the right candidate to get these drugs or not, whether there are contraindications for administration or not. You also need to know, that the administration of drugs to speed up or slow down the arrival of menstruation is not without risk. In sensitive people, allergic reactions, indigestion, dizziness, headaches, weight gain, excessive acne, or abnormal vaginal bleeding after taking these drugs can occur.

Therefore, if possible, before deciding to consume drugs, you try to try so that your marriage is not carried out in the mosque (for example by being moved to the courtyard of the mosque). However, if it feels heavy, you can check with your doctor or obstetrician first so that you are given the right solution.

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