How To Raise Bb For People With Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Illustration of How To Raise Bb For People With Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Illustration: How To Raise Bb For People With Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Hi I want to ask, last month I checked into a positive doctor suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis together, a lot of abstinence from eating and my weight kept dropping. how do I gain weight without irritating my intestine recurrent? and besides taking medicine, is there any other solution to make my intestinal irritation heal?

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Hello Mila ..
Thank you for asking at, I try to help answer yes ...
Irritable bowel syndrome, or in medical language is irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the large intestine that is experienced for a long time, and often recur. When a recurrence of this condition can occur for several days or months, the symptoms that arise from this condition are:
- Discomfort in the stomach: like the stomach feels bloated, cramps in the stomach
- Disorders of bowel movements: can be diarrhea or constipation, stool can be accompanied by mucus
- Decreased appetite
- Nausea and often belching
- tired
The cause of this complaint can recur, namely:
- Infections of the digestive tract
- Eat foods that are difficult to digest such as high levels of acid, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates
- Eat foods that are too quickly or slowly digested by the digestive tract
- Mental health disorders such as panic, anxiety, depression, and stress
Hormonal changes and impaired brain function can also affect the onset of this condition. In this situation, you can not eat all the food, but you can adjust the right food patterns for you to consume to increase your weight, such as eating foods that are allowed in small portions but often, try not to eat late, fruit consumption but no more than 3 servings or around 80gr. To be safer, you should avoid foods that trigger this condition to recur again, such as avoiding foods that cause flatulence (nuts, cabbage, broccoli, gum) and follow the advice of your doctor.
If you experience a drastic weight loss, accompanied by weakness so that you cannot perform activities, there is bowel movements accompanied by blood immediately consult your doctor. But in situations where the corona virus is spreading rapidly, if not accompanied by needs and urgency you should stay at home, or take care of yourself so as not to be exposed to the virus, if there are complaints such as sore throats that get worse for more than 1 week, accompanied by more fever of 38 degrees centigrade, coughing, colds that do not heal even after taking the medicine, until there is a feeling of tightness or difficulty breathing, even though you have tried taking the medicine, then you should check yourself to the doctor, for further examination. Take care of your body's immunity with adequate rest, nutritious foods and hand washing before you touch the eyes, nose and mouth area.
Thus my answer hopefully helps.

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