How To Read Lab Results?

Illustration of How To Read Lab Results?
Illustration: How To Read Lab Results?

Bole doc I know what ERY 25 Ery / ul 2+ is

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Hello Nurene,

Are the results of the test a urine or blood test? It is difficult to ascertain the purpose of the lab results that you submit because the data provided is limited. ERY is likely an erythrocyte or red blood cell. In the blood test and urine test one of the assessed is the number of red blood cells / erythrocytes.

For normal blood tests erythrocytes around 700 thousand to 5.2 million erythrocytes / microliters of blood for men and 500 thousand to 4.6 million / microliters of blood for women. Whereas in urine, normally erythocytes 0-2 erythrocytes / LPB (large field of view).

Please note that lab test results cannot stand alone and it is difficult to interpret the results with incomplete data. The results of lab tests or other supporting examinations need to be combined with information obtained from the doctor / patient history / interview and physical examination results so that the doctor can draw conclusions about the patient's condition.

Therefore, I suggest that you bring the lab results directly to the doctor so that a more thorough interpretation can be made and the doctor can conclude your condition along with a treatment plan that can be given to you if necessary.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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