How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Pneumonia In Infants?

Illustration of How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Pneumonia In Infants?
Illustration: How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Pneumonia In Infants?

Morning. How to know the symptoms of infection / inflammation of the lungs in infants. And how to avoid it. Trimaksih

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Inflammation or infection of the lungs can have a broad meaning of infection and inflammation of the lungs can be:


Pulmonary tuberculosis

But basically complaints arising from inflammation in the lungs are generally the same. Symptoms that arise when a person experiences infection and inflammation in the lungs especially the child, namely:

Children become more fussy
Nasal congestion, runny nose
Throw up
Breath sounds
Difficulty in breathing
Developmental disorders of the chest
The pull of the breath becomes faster
Stomach and chest become deeper when breathing
Feels pain in the chest
Feel pain in the abdomen
No appetite, lazy suckling
Cry more often than usual
Difficult to rest
Pale and lethargic
In severe cases, lips and finger nails can turn bluish or gray in color

As a mother, if you feel the baby or child is not healthy or not as usual, you should check with a pediatrician for further examination and to ascertain the baby's condition. But if complaints have arisen in the form of tightness, high fever, shivering should immediately take the baby to the doctor at the nearest hospital emergency room in order to get immediate medical help.

Infants and children are susceptible to infections due to the body's immune system that has not developed properly. However, mothers can prevent children by paying attention to the following:

Meet the nutritional needs of infants, meet the nutritional needs of infants by providing breast milk for at least the first six months. It is important to give children the natural immune system against disease. Inadequate the nutritional needs of children by giving them fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods if the child or baby is already older
Immunizations, such as Hib immunization (haemophilus influenzaetype B), measles vaccine, and pertussis vaccine or whooping cough are known as DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus) immunizations. The immunization is the most effective way to prevent pneumonia.
Maintain cleanliness for both mother and baby such as washing before eating, or before preparing food or before touching sibayi and clean the environment around the baby.
Avoid babies from cigarette smoke or air pollution

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