How To Recover Injuries To The Knee?

Illustration of How To Recover Injuries To The Knee?
Illustration: How To Recover Injuries To The Knee?

I have been feeling pain in the knee for 6 months now. I went to the doctor and it was stated that my knee ACL was torn a little, then I had an MRI test and it turned out there was another problem, namely “visible signs of strained and the possibility of partial rupture of the infrapatellar tendon besides that a small rupture of the anterior lateral meniscus accompanied with over-stretched / strained “. I want to ask, 1. What do you mean by Infrapatellar Tendon Partial Rupture? 2. How severe are the signs? And how to restore it? 3. How long does it take to recover? Please help answer. Thank you

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Here is an anatomy of the knee area that you can see to be able to imagine the location of your injury:

The infrapatellar tendon (patellar tendon) is a connective tissue that connects the patella bone (kneecap) with the tibia bone (shin). Partial rupture means the tendon is torn, but not to cause tendon rupture.

The meniscus is a soft bone tissue that separates the femur (thigh bone) from the tibia (dry bones). This meniscus serves as a liner between the bones so as not to rub against each other when moving and sustaining so that the movement between bones becomes more stable.

The occurrence of an injury as you experience it, is most often due to a sports injury to the knee. Regarding how to recover and how long the recovery period certainly depends on how big a tear in your tendon tendon and how big and where the location of the tear in your meniscus.

Basically, if a tendon tear is small, the condition can recover without surgery (you will be given a knee brace to minimize knee movement), but if the tear is large enough or completely broken, surgery is needed to connect the torn tendon. The recovery period can last between 4-6 weeks, but it takes between 6 to 12 months to be able to recover to its original condition.

In meniscus tears, it is necessary to know whether the tears occur in the red zone (the area of ​​the meniscus that has blood vessels) or the white zone (the area that does not have blood vessels). If it occurs in the red zone, the tear can heal without surgery. Meanwhile, if it occurs in the white zone, then the tear cannot heal itself and must be operated on to close the tear that occurs. The recovery period can vary between 3-4 weeks, but it can take up to 3 months to fully recover to its original state.

In an injury like this, you will also be advised to do physiotherapy to help speed up your recovery period and restore your knee to normal. You should discuss this again with an orthopedic doctor who treats you.

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