How To Reduce High White Blood Levels In Diabetics After Amputation?

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Dear doctor.rnMy mother is diabetic and has only amputated 1 finger of her toe but after the amputation, how come the leukocytes are still high. My mother doesn’t like to eat and eventually her salt dropped drastically. Then I had a heart shock (the condition of the heart was good before and there were no problems) and as a result, you are being treated at the iccu. what is the way to reduce the 30,000 leukocytes. you have been given an antibiotic drug called cefepime 3×1 gram but it still can’t go down. In fact, the info has to be amputated again. what’s crazy, the doctor. the one who can reduce leukocytes quickly, don’t let my mom be blackmailed by a doctor who is mercenary by having to amputate her toe to the heel. Please, before it gets worse. Thank you. I hope the doctor can give you good advice.

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Diabetes is a condition that has many complications. One of the complications of diabetes is the presence of blood vessel problems that can cause parts of the body to become deficient in nutrients and cause tissue to die. The condition of dead tissue (necrosis), must indeed be removed or in other words amputated, because it is one source of infection which if left unchecked will cause infection to spread to the surroundings and even throughout the body which can be life-threatening.

The condition of high leukocytes is one indicator of infection that occurs. If indeed the infection has been going on for a long time, then this is indeed quite difficult for the healing process. In addition, patients with diabetes also experience problems with decreased immunity so that it also contributes to the length of the infection eradication process. With these factors, re-infection of the amputated wound may occur, or there may be infection in other parts that may also experience the wound.

Even in administering drugs, doctors will adjust to the patient's condition, germ map, drug interactions, dosage and other things so that the therapy given will be effective and reduce various risks that may be detrimental.

In addition to surgery, the condition of diabetes also needs to be controlled, so that the treatment process can take time and cost money.

Basically, your doctor is the one who best understands your mother's condition. You can discuss with your doctor about your mother's condition. Because without an in-person interview and examination, the condition experienced by your mother cannot be determined. Later you can also discuss what can be done in the future. Is it really necessary to re-action, additional drug administration, dose increase or the like.

I hope this helps.

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