How To Reduce The Minus Without Doing Lasik Surgery?

Illustration of How To Reduce The Minus Without Doing Lasik Surgery?
Illustration: How To Reduce The Minus Without Doing Lasik Surgery?

– fad because my eyes are a bit blurry and then wear minus glasses belonging to a friend who has minus 1.5 in both eyes and when I check with the doctor it turns out that my minus is the same as my friend’s glasses that I tried- a year later the minus increased because there was a slight problem with the frame, first it became left minus 2.5 and right minus 2. Until finally it stuck to the left minus 2.75 and right minus minus 2.5 – even though it was only used when I was studying at school, 6 years wearing those glasses I was always comfortable, and not there are obstacles so it doesn’t occur to me minus I will increase- 2 this year I wore glasses just to watch in my cinema, other than that I never wear them again, over time when I watch, usually the subtitles appear very clear, but now I have to squint a little me, or pressing right in the middle of the glasses so that the view looks clearer- I’m afraid to see an eye doctor, very afraid if minus add, like suddenly drop race anya, even though my parents have been asking me to check up for a long time, even though I often see cellphones even when the lights are off, until yesterday I just intend to buy new glasses to be used everywhere for a day too, I lgsg come to single optics , lgsg checked there, it turns out my eyes are now minus 4.5 in both eyes. I was shocked, I wanted to be lasik, I was sorry, why didn’t I ask from the check-up time again so that I wouldn’t add to the minus, I wanted to see an ophthalmologist. eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin a minus I will not increase? I also want if there is a way to reduce the minus without performing lasik surgery

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Hello Yuras,

Myopia or nearsightedness is an eye refractive disorder in which, the object ray seen falls not exactly in the retina layer (the layer to capture the shadow of objects in the eyeball) but in front of it. To correct this abnormality a negative (minus) lens is used so that the image is "pulled back" until it falls right on the retina. Myopia sufferers can see clearly when the object is brought closer or closer to the object.

Myopia can be caused by:

Excessive eyeball length
The ability to refract (refract light) parts of the eye that are too strong - the cornea is too convex

Myopia is often inherited (mother and father minus too) and also influenced by environmental factors. Myopia is generally progressive (increased) there is a fast and some are stable. Generally, after over> 21 years the minus will remain no longer. Vitamin A consumption does not affect the minus accretion process, because indeed the cause is an abnormality in the size of the eyeball itself and the shape of the eyeball layer.

The diagnosis of myopia is made from the results of a long reading examination using a chart containing letters or images. Myopia treatment is to make corrections using glasses, or contact lenses, or lasik. The use of glasses and contact lenses will certainly help patients in seeing and wrong if they think using it will actually add a minus. Because the minus will increase with or without the use of glasses to a certain age due to increased size of the eyeball. The use of glasses and contact lens correction actually helps to keep the retina exposed to light and the ability to see the eye is maintained.

LASIK action is the operation of modifying the shape of the cornea, so that the bias is appropriate. In myopia, the corneal layer is partially removed so that the cornea becomes even. Until now, this new operation which is truly proven and tested in medical research has effectively reduced the minus of a person. To get more complete information about the treatment that is suitable for your eye condition, you can consult further with an ophthalmologist. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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