How To Reduce Uric Acid Levels In People On Carbohydrate Diets?

Illustration of How To Reduce Uric Acid Levels In People On Carbohydrate Diets?
Illustration: How To Reduce Uric Acid Levels In People On Carbohydrate Diets?

Already 1 month ago I went to Karbo diet, which was consumed by animal protein, but my legs are numb easily, like being pierced, then I check out my cholesterol level is low 117, but my uric acid level is 9, what’s that? should I do so that my cholesterol levels are normal and my gout drops? r nThank you in advance ,, 😊

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Keep in mind that food consumption should be sought to be balanced, both in terms of nutritional coverage and quantity. If it is not balanced, the excess or lack of nutrition can be bad for health.

Related to your condition, your blood cholesterol level is still normal. Cholesterol below 200 mg / dl is considered normal. Meanwhile, gout has different values ​​in men and women. The normal range of uric acid in men is 3.5 - 7.2 mg / dl, whereas in women it is in the range of 2.6 - 6 mg / dl. In this case, your uric acid is high enough, this condition can be called hyperuricemia.

Hyperuricemia can occur due to the high intake of food containing purines and the low expenditure of purines from the body. Various causes of high uric acid are easily obtained from daily lifestyle. Some people will not feel a symptom when uric acid levels rise, but for some other people an increase in uric acid will cause symptoms of pain due to the formation of urate crystals in some parts of the body, especially in small joints. Redness, swelling, pain, limited space can be the most often felt complaints.

To reduce uric acid levels, some things you should do are:

Perform a healthy lifestyle
Eat healthy, nutritious and balanced food
Avoid foods that contain high purines such as mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, organ meats, seafood, canned foods, liver, kidneys, beans, sardines etc.
Doing regular exercise every day
Increase the consumption of water
Avoid going on a diet that is too extreme because it can increase blood uric acid levels

Medicines can help reduce uric acid levels, but should be in accordance with doctor's recommendations

Related to numbness and pain you feel, it can be related to an increase in uric acid in your body. Therefore, I suggest to start to change the karbo diet into a balanced diet. If you go on a carbohydrate diet to lose / maintain weight, then you should still consume a balanced diet, with enough nutrition so that your daily nutritional needs are met. Adjust your diet, avoid foods that are high in fat, increase consumption of low purib vegetables and fruits as well as regular exercise to burn body fat into energy. If necessary you can have a direct discussion with your doctor or nutritionist at your place. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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