How To Remove Or Erase Human Memory?

Illustration of How To Remove Or Erase Human Memory?
Illustration: How To Remove Or Erase Human Memory?

Is there any medical treatment in erasing human memory? If there is erasure of memory can be fatal to the health of the body?

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In the medical world, research on medical approaches in erasing a person's memory has been carried out, most cases of research using animals as the object of their research.

Some things that can make someone forget the memory include =

Drug side effects, some types of drugs have temporary amnesia side effects (only for a certain period of time). By stimulating synapses in the brain, in animal studies the stimulus was given in the form of electric shocks to the synapse in the animal's brain causing the animal to have an inability to remember certain tastes. Emphasis of memory with hypnotherapy techniques. Using expert hypnosis methods to help suppress memories you want to forget. Brain implants. A device installed in the brain to help forget certain parts of memory that you want to forget. It takes time and more in-depth research into medical techniques that can be done to help forget someone's memories or memories. For now, the medical world does not yet have a medical approach that is validated by clinicians or experts.

Memory deletion is considered less ethical due to several conditions such as =

Humans are individuals who can learn from mistakes made in the past, it is hoped that memory (good or bad) can help humans grow and develop in an adult manner in facing life better. lack of ethics in the legal field, because it could interfere with the existing legal process. Fear of being misused for personal gain that does not comply with the moral standards of the wider community. Therefore accept your bad memory and make it a valuable lesson. Seek professional help if the bad memory is seriously affecting your productivity and quality of life. Surround yourself with positive people who help and accept your shortcomings and are self-motivated and close to God.

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