How To Restore Memory Loss?

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I’m sherin tonight, I want to ask I have a mother she is 64 years old, 4 years ago she suffered from whole body pain, if a little member touched her body it hurt, then her blood reached 280 and from there my mother her memory continued to decrease, until now my mother doesn’t remember anything, and I took her to the doctor, the doctor said it was a symptom of cikungngunyah, and always went to the health center for treatment, but until now her memory has not returned, and it gets worse, when I talk to it it never connects, like senile, now I I want to ask what disease my mother has, and how do I get my mother’s memory back to normal again? please help, thanks in advance.

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Dear Valentino,

The ability to remember a person is indeed at a certain age can decline, this is due to a decrease in the function of brain cells with age. However, it is also important to know that there are various reasons why a person has difficulty remembering something, both long-term memory and short-term memory. Some of the possible causes include:

smoking habits or alcohol use the use of certain drugs lack of sleep lack of brain vitamins B1, B12 psychological pressure head injury stroke or brain tumor thyroid disease alzheimer's disease Overcoming memory loss must be done from various sides starting from fulfilling nutritional adequacy and keeping one's psychological condition stable in good condition. Then in certain cases, memory disorders can be corrected by taking certain drugs. However, there are cases where memory loss is progressive, which means it gets worse and is difficult to save again. We recommend that you check your mother more intensively with a neurologist to see what might be behind your mother's memory loss. Here we attach an article about memory loss. May be useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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