How To Safely Move Skin Care Products?

Illustration of How To Safely Move Skin Care Products?
Illustration: How To Safely Move Skin Care Products?

hello doctor, I am a 24th private employee for 2 years I use skin care product (r *****) but lately I feel it is not suitable because of the emergence of pimples in the left and right cheek area alternately so. finally I decided to quit the product since 1 week ago until now. I’m just confused about how to deal with pimples, is it true that using baby soap can neutralize our skin again? then if I want to use another skin care, the best pause is to avoid side effects from the old skin care, how long will it take? the right and safe way when we switch skin care products, what do we do?

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Hello Ditanc, thank you for the question yes on the forum.

I help answer your questions sequentially yes.

The emergence of acne when using certain skin care products or cosmetics in general can indicate an intolerance or allergic reaction to the skin of the product or as a symptom of sensitive skin conditions. Although the cause of this may be different, the most appropriate way to overcome it besides stopping all use of skin care that you are currently using is to consult directly about your acne condition with your doctor, because in principle acne treatment varies between one person to another depending at the severity of the acne itself, so it is not recommended to use acne removal drugs without the advice of a doctor. Regarding the use of baby soap, based on the existing literature up to now, there are no sources that say that the use of baby soap can neutralize the condition of the skin, but also need to know that there is no term of skin neutralization in the medical world. Because basically the condition of the skin at every age from babies to adults is different and has their own needs, it is not recommended to use products that are not in accordance with the type and condition of the skin such as using baby soap for adult skin. Consult any skin care products that might be recommended for your skin type with your doctor. If you want to use skin care products that are sold freely, make sure you already know your skin type and skin needs so that it does not cause bad side effects. Based on the literature, if side effects occur, or in this case arising intolerance of a skin care product, it is recommended not to use other skin care products within about 6-12 months to prevent other side effects. It is recommended to clean the face without using soap or ingredients that contain detergents, use glycerin or rose water as a moisturizer if necessary, and limit the use of cosmetics to the extent of powder. If you want to try new skin care products in the near future, it is also advisable to consult with a dermatologist first to help you determine whether your skin is now possible to use these products and whether the ingredients are needed for your skin type. I hope this helps.

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