How To Save A Good Mpasi?

Illustration of How To Save A Good Mpasi?
Illustration: How To Save A Good Mpasi?

good night .. my child is 10 months old. I want to ask if it is okay to cook mpasi in the morning and then put it in a rice cooker for lunch and evening meals? Ricecooker is in a warm position … thank you

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Hello Wahyu. Thank you for asking

MPASI is an abbreviation of the term complementary food for breast milk which is usually given when the baby is 6 months old and above. At that age, most babies are usually ready to eat solid foods. However, these complementary foods are not a substitute for milk, either breast milk or formula milk, but only function as a companion. MPASI is given to babies aged 6-24 months to meet nutritional needs other than breast milk.

Here are some guidelines that can be followed in giving complementary foods to babies:

It takes time and patience to introduce babies to solid foods because babies are not used to it at first
Start with a few small spoons 1 to 2 times a day
The portion and frequency of complementary foods should be adjusted according to the age of the baby
Try to provide different types of food every day, this is not only to prevent the baby from getting bored, but also to meet the complete nutritional needs of the baby
Periodically sterilize the tools used for complementary feeding

Giving complementary foods can indeed take up some of the time for mothers, to get around this and time efficiency, one way is to process complementary foods at once for 2-3 meals. This method can indeed save you time, so you can do other activities. However, what needs to be considered is not to let the nutritional value of the food decrease in the way above. Because the best way to consume food is in a fresh state as soon as it is cooked. In addition, depending on the type of food, certain types of food can last longer to be stored, whereas other types of food do not last long when stored. To keep the nutritional content from decreasing or even losing, it is best if the food is not stored for too long. Storing food in the refrigerator will generally last longer than in an ordinary room, where when it is consumed, just keep it warmed. In addition to preserving food, refrigerators can also help prevent food contamination of disease-causing microorganisms. This can prevent the baby from having diarrhea.

Long and continuous heating such as putting food in a rice cooker from morning to evening will certainly reduce the nutritional value of food, especially if it contains vegetables.

Hopefully this information can be useful. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

For more information, you can read the article: Inspiration for MPASI menu

Food for babies aged 10 months

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