How To Shrink The Large Cheek Next To A Toothache

Illustration of How To Shrink The Large Cheek Next To A Toothache
Illustration: How To Shrink The Large Cheek Next To A Toothache

Hello I’m Regina, 18 years old. I used to have a toothache, my right tooth had a hole. And now my cheeks are big on one side until my lips look down, maybe because of toothache at that time. What is the solution so that my cheeks can be normal again? Thank you in advance.

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Hello Regina,

Thank you for the question.

Cavities can not only cause pain, but also swollen gums due to the inflammation they cause. Not infrequently, inflammation in the gums that is severe enough to cause the cheeks and lips to swell. However, if only because of cavities, then after this condition is handled properly, such as by being given medication, patched, or revoked his teeth, should the complaint on your cheeks and lips will come along well without any special treatment.

If for a long time you feel the condition of your cheeks and lips have not returned to normal, then there may be other triggers that aggravate, such as variations in the jawbone from birth, sialadenitis, Bell's palsy, skin infections or other skin inflammation, discharged injuries, joint dislocation jaw, stroke, head injury, benign or malignant tumor, and so on.

This condition, if it no longer appears accompanied by pain or other disturbing complaints, it should not be feared excessive. You can try to improve your complaints by further improving dental and oral hygiene, chewing food in balance between the right and left teeth, diligently doing facial exercises, and do not carelessly give medication to your complaints without advice from your doctor.

If you feel your complaint is very disturbing, such as when eating and talking, do not hesitate to see your doctor for further treatment, yes. If it feels urgent, later you can be directed to see a dentist or plastic surgeon. Conversely, if it is not urgent, it may be that the doctor will only give you medicine, make observations, or also physiotherapy so that your oral condition improves.

Hope this helps ...

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