How To Speed Up Sinusitis Healing At Home?

Illustration of How To Speed Up Sinusitis Healing At Home?
Illustration: How To Speed Up Sinusitis Healing At Home?

hello, I have diagnosed sinus, which I feel my nose is blocked and pain in the sky “back mouth (soft part) and I feel like a deep heat but my body temperature is not hot, is the sinus so? and how to get well soon this stuffy nose, and how to reduce the heat in this throat, it’s already very sad, because it makes it difficult to sleep and is afraid that breathing using my mouth coughs🤧

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sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus wall which is a small cavity filled with air and is located in the structure of the facial bones. When infected, the cavity is filled with mucus and swollen mucous membranes occur, thus making a blockage. There are two types of sinusitis, which are acute and chronic (more than 12 weeks). sinusitis grouping itself based on the duration of symptoms. In addition, sinusitis based on the most common and most common causes, is due to bacteria and viruses. If sinusitis is caused by a virus, sinusitis will become a contagious disease.

ndisi that can cause sinusitis include: flu (common cold), allergic rhinitis., nasal polyps, septum deviation (bending of the nasal bones), symptoms caused by allergies for some people. symptoms that will arise from sinusitis such as: nasal congestion, sore throat, yellowing green discharge, bad breath, headache and fever. the symptoms depend on each individual condition.

to ensure that sinusitis must be examined directly by a doctor with a physical examination and additional examinations such as allergic tests, nasal endescopy, imaging tests and nasal and sinus cultures. to ensure the cause of your sinusitis, and the doctor can provide treatment according to the cause can also be done if severe surgery. If sinusitis is caused by a virus going to heal by itself, but if caused by allergies should avoid the originator. but for now if you do not experience difficulty breathing, you should postpone to the doctor first because there is an epidemic of this corona virus. you should just stay home. there are tips you can do at home:

 keep sinusitis triggers such as dust, smoke, cold weather / cold temperatures when caused by allergies, keep hand hygiene, especially before eating, to reduce the risk of exposure to germs and allergens. inhale steam, prepare hot water in a large bowl, then breathe the steam that comes out of the hot water. make warm tea mixed with ginger to help relieve the respiratory tract. drink liquids such as juice and mineral water to help thin mucus. use a few pillows to support the head, so that the sleeping position is higher than usual. This aims to reduce the amount of pressure around the sinuses. Can also reduce the discomfort arising from sinusitis. warm compresses on the nose and face You can use honey to relieve sore throats which are also commonly experienced by people with sinusitis. keeping the sinus cavity moist can relieve pain and reduce mucus. Easy to do, one of which is by soaking in warm water or drinking warm water. adequate rest and consumption of nutritious food multiply vegetables and fruit if you have done the above but there is no improvement and your complaints do not improve you can consult this to the ENT doctor, but remember you should be at home first if not emergency, just do it daiatas tips in advance if you have difficulty breathing and high fever 3 x you can immediately see a doctor or the nearest hospital.

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