How To Stop Bleeding After Being Bitten By A Dog?

Illustration of How To Stop Bleeding After Being Bitten By A Dog?
Illustration: How To Stop Bleeding After Being Bitten By A Dog?

Tonight I want to ask at the rabbit dog bite / the legs and the blood doesn’t stop coming out what should I do

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Hello Dedy Donctry Thank you for asking

'Mad dog' or rabies bite wounds require special care and attention, and if not handled properly can endanger your health even to death. Rabies is an infection of the brain virus and human nervous system due to 'mad dog' bites. And rabies symptoms will appear 4-12 weeks after being bitten by an infected animal, where the initial symptoms that can appear include:

Fever Headache weakens muscles, paralysis, pins and needles But when rabies has caused symptoms, usually the condition is already dangerous and even the risk of death increases. Therefore, you should check with your doctor at the nearest hospital. Because it is important to prevent treatment after being bitten by any animal that is at risk of transmitting the virus. Handling provided is with anti-rabies vaccine. Anti-rabies vaccine is given to help the body against viral infections that can cause damage to the brain and nervous system.

And here are the initial treatments you can do immediately on a bite:

Clean the wound area with soap. Provision of antiseptics, such as alcohol or povidone. And immediately go to the nearest hospital or facility for anti-rabies vaccine. Moreover, if the bite wound causes bleeding, usually due to tears in the structure of the skin, or under the skin such as the knee. If there is enough bleeding, it is possible that the bite wound injured a blood vessel. This is a dangerous condition and requires prompt medical treatment, moreover if an open wound is found, the risk of infection will increase. For the treatment of bleeding wounds you can do:

Pressure dressing on the bleeding area, which is quite strong emphasis on the area. You can use a clean cloth or towel to press the bleeding area until the blood stops flowing. While you ask for help to the nearest hospital. Or if possible compress with a towel filled with ice. It is better not to ignore the bite wounds of animals infected with rabies, because this virus is very fatal. Ask for immediate assistance.

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