How To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Illustration of How To Stop Drinking Alcohol?
Illustration: How To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

I am an active drinker because my domicile works at the bar, is there another way to stop drinking alcohol? Not because of anything but I want to quit? Thank you

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Consumption of alcohol called safe for health is 1 glass of alcohol for women and 2 glasses of alcohol for men per day. One glass of alcohol is equivalent to 350 ml of beer, 150 ml of wine, or 45 ml of harder alcohol (Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey). If you consume more alcohol than this amount, then your risk for various diseases can increase. Including the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, liver disorders, certain cancers, pancreatitis, and many other diseases.

If you routinely drink alcohol in large quantities, then stopping drinking alcohol suddenly can be dangerous for your health because the effects of drinking alcohol can be very severe symptoms. In this condition, you should check yourself to the doctor to detoxify first and reduce your body's dependence on alcohol slowly.

Here are some things you can do to stop drinking alcohol:

Make a strong commitment not to drink alcohol anymore, tell all your friends and family that there are people who can remind you not to drink alcohol again when the temptation comes. Get rid of exposure (get rid of all the alcohol in your house so that at least you don't drink anymore alcohol at home, move to the workplace if it is felt necessary, stay away from friends who have a negative influence) Make a target of reducing drinking alcohol per day to reach only 2 glasses of alcohol per day or not drinking alcohol at all (for example for the first day target only drink 5 glasses of alcohol , the second or third day only drinks 4 glasses of alcohol, the fourth day only drinks 3 glasses of alcohol, and so on). If you drink alcohol (for example at your workplace), drink more slowly or mix alcohol with soda so that it is thinner, you can also drink alcohol by drinking soda or juice. Make sure you drink alcohol not on an empty stomach. Seek help from your doctor if you really can't stop drinking alcohol in your own way. Doctors can provide therapy and certain medications that can help you stop from alcoholism. Here are articles that you can read about how to stop drinking alcohol

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