How To Stop Using Acne Medicine?

Hello, I want to ask that the doctor wishes to answer:) Since December 2018 I have tried one of the acne medicines sold in pharmacies, namely Mediklin TR. In every 1 gram of triklin gel contains trindamycin phosphate of 1.2% and tretinoin as much as 0.025%. I use according to the instructions which is only at night, but I buy without a doctor’s prescription. Until now, the effect that I felt was pimples and my actions improved and my skin became dry (not severe, only on the smeared part). During this time I only use Mediklin TR when there are pimples and stunts that are quite disturbing facial appearance. After it’s gone, I don’t use it anymore and return to using it when the zits reappear. But after I read it again on the internet I began to be afraid because I did not know the correct dose of using Mediklin TR for my acne. I am afraid that my acne bacteria will become invulnerable and need even tougher drugs. What I want to ask is how to stop using drugs like this without making my acne bacteria resistant ,? I hope the doctor will be pleased to answer because I really feel scared and confused. Thank you, 🙏🏻

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A history of the general use of this drug does not cause the risk of drug dependence. This drug has antibiotic content and also a drug to open the surface closure of acne and prevent microcomedons. Both of these drugs are usually given together to help deal with cases of skin disorders with acne. the use of drugs with the red drug code and the letter K in the code circle indicates this drug is a hard drug and must be prescribed by a doctor to get it. So if you currently use this medicine, you should take the first step in the form of direct consultation with a dermatologist to examine and evaluate your acne condition, and plan the treatment that is right for you. If you use it independently, you should not proceed without a direct initial check with your dermatologist. Thus, the use of this drug remains safe under your doctor's supervision.
Whenever you use this medication independently, especially when you use a pimple that you are complaining about, it generally does not cause dependence. , so you don't need to do routine treatments and your zits don't recur or bother you. Some things you can consider to prevent acne are:
1, keep your facial skin clean
2. Avoid cigarettes or cigarette pollution, or pollution that affects your skin
3. avoid stress
4. avoid changing brands of skin care
5. avoid sleeping late
6. avoid physical fatigue
Thus, to help provide treatment and prevention of acne, you should consult directly with your dermatologist so your doctor can provide treatments and recommendations that are appropriate for you.
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