How To Store Utrogestant Booster Drugs?

Illustration of How To Store Utrogestant Booster Drugs?
Illustration: How To Store Utrogestant Booster Drugs?

i wednesday yesterday was ultrasound and was given a 200ml utrogestant booster drug ,, After a few days this drug is not a bit runny? can I take it still? And this obt storage must be at room temperature / how?

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the drug you mentioned contains synchronized progesterone. This drug is used as a gynecologic enhancer, treating menstrual problems, bleeding, and treating menopausal symptoms.

the drug you mentioned is one drug that should be stored at room temperature. Keep this medicine away from direct sunlight and damp places. Do not store this drug in the bathroom and do not freeze it. When the storage location (drug) is exposed to heat and cold, causing drugs to change physically, the potential for loss (efficacy) or even threaten health for those who consume them.

before getting the drug you must check the expiration date and if there are physical changes to the drug, you should stop it first and you can consult this immediately to the doctor who gave the drug. This drug is only available by prescription. If you need this medicine or have questions about this medicine, please consult with your doctor.

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