How To Straighten Teeth?

Illustration of How To Straighten Teeth?
Illustration: How To Straighten Teeth?

Good afternoon, so I used to fall and my 2 front teeth came out but after teething my teeth didn’t grow like before and instead they grew 3. what is the solution? Can it be neatly trimmed like before or what?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at We understand your problem. In general, messy teeth can be tidied up. But how long it takes and what method is needed will depend on the direct inspection. Even though you have described the condition of your teeth, it must be seen directly to better ensure the condition.

Among the most common teeth-tidying options is braces or stirrup. There are also many types of braces. Some are removable, some are permanent, and some are functional. In addition, there is also the installation of retainer, headgear, clear aligner and lingual wire. In the installation you might have to pull one or two teeth.

What is clear, to be able to straighten your teeth, you must consult a dentist. With the times, many options are offered for smoothing teeth, can be online, and can also with experts or dental artisans, and various other alternative methods. Using this option is a step that is not right, because tidying teeth is not a simple matter and requires sufficient knowledge and practice. In fact, not all dentists are competent to install stirrup, only those who have deepened orthodontist knowledge are considered capable. So indeed you should not be careless. In many cases those who avoid the dentist end up having to go to the dentist because their condition worsened after doing these methods.

So again, most likely your teeth can still be tidied up. For the next step, check your teeth to the dentist for further examination and determine the best treatment for you. So, hopefully answering your question.

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