How To Straighten Your Teeth?

Illustration of How To Straighten Your Teeth?
Illustration: How To Straighten Your Teeth?

hello, I want to ask me that the teeth are not neat and the teeth are growing in front, but if you pull them out, the dentist is afraid. Then I see there is a teeth trainer that he says can fix the teeth But if you use the same age 13 years, you can not ? Then can the teeth that grow in front of him be neat or not?

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Teeth is a condition where the teeth grow in places that should not be or are not parallel to other teeth, usually occurs in the following conditions:

small jaw, the size of the teeth is too large, where the teeth are too narrow, can also be hereditary. For the treatment of the teeth itself depends on the condition or condition of your teeth. Treatment for pointed teeth does not always require tooth extraction but depends on the condition of your teeth and jaw. Some of the treatment options include:

the use of braces for tooth extraction in combination with tooth extraction and the use of braces The use of dental tariners itself is usually used to maintain the position and relationships between teeth that are already neat, after treatment of braces removal so that the teeth are stable and remain tidy, but the use of retainers or teeth training itself is not can change the arrangement or structure of the teeth so that they cannot be used to treat flat teeth. For the treatment of bent teeth you should further consult your dentist or orthodontist.

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