How To Strengthen The Eye Blink Nerves.?

Illustration of How To Strengthen The Eye Blink Nerves.?
Illustration: How To Strengthen The Eye Blink Nerves.?

Like this, my mother, when she was active, suddenly her right eye couldn’t see. He was taken to an ophthalmologist, he said, all his eyeballs were wrong. Prescribed drugs. The medicine doesn’t match. In fact, other people. Then the eye changes. The doctor said his nervous eye was weak. What’s the cause? Continue. Can it still be administered? How to do it without taking pills. Please please

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Weak nerve blinking is not really a standard term in the medical realm. Vision (sharp vision) eyes that fell suddenly as your mother experienced, most often indicates the following conditions:

Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye, often associated with the use of unclean contact lenses)

Posterior uveitis (inflammation of the back of the uvea tract)

Acute glaucoma (increased pressure in the eyeball)
Endofthalmitis, panofthalmitis (inflammation of the inner lining or whole lining of the eyeball)
Vitreous hemorrhage (bleeding in the fluid in the eyeball)
Retinal artery or vein occlusion (blocked blood vessels of the retina)
Optic neuritis (inflammation of the eye nerves)
Acute optic neuropathy (often due to drug effects, for example ethambutol)

Retinal detachment (detachment of the retina from attachment)
Others, for example mechanical trauma to the eye, migraines, brain tumors, cluster headaches, and so on

To avoid misinterpretation, you need to have your mother's condition checked again by a doctor or ophthalmologist. The doctor will interview your mother more deeply, as well as explore the history of the disease and the treatment she is undergoing, to find out what are the possible triggers of her complaints. Further examination, such as with a slit lamp, ophthalmoscopy, and so on can also be done by a doctor. As for what treatments doctors will give later, they can vary depending on the cause.

For now, you should calm your mother first. Ask him to rest more, and do not carelessly give medication to his eyes that have complaints without a prescription directly from the doctor.

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