How To Take Birth Control Pills Correctly So As Not To Confuse?

Good afternoon, I want to ask you about the correct way to take the birth control pill according to the midwife’s advice, I have been using the birth control pill for the first 3 months of the menstrual cycle as usual since the return of the fourth month and not the normal midwife who handles me. taking the pill, in January I took the pill starting from the 3rd placebo pill and I came on the 19th in January, because the pill was used up I control again and got the combination pill from Dr. BKKNB the same as before the 28 pills started from the color yellow because the midwife said I haven’t had time for menses and it’s still quite a long time so she told me to drink from the yellow one even though it wasn’t yet mens, is it true how I take the pill? And if I am in the middle of taking pills it should be continued according to the arrow or stop taking the pills and wait for the menses to finish taking the pills again? Please help, because I get confused every time they go back and their midwives give different procedures for taking pills. Thank you for help

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Birth control pills are pills that are taken to delay pregnancy. This pill contains hormones and works by disrupting the levels of hormones present in a person's body so that the egg cells will be difficult to meet sperm cells and pregnancy will not occur. There are two types of birth control pills in Indonesia, of which 21 are 28 and 28 are. Both are actually similar because of the 28 items, 7 of which have no impact (placebo) or only contain water and sugar or salt. Although there are no benefits, this pill is still given to help remember.

Regarding your question, what you need to remember is the concept, the determination of when to take birth control pills associated with the menstrual cycle only occurs on the first consumption, i.e. it is better to take birth control pills on 1-5 days of menstruation. This hope is carried out so that after menstruation is complete, birth control pills have been effective in preventing pregnancy. The pills that are consumed are usually the yellow ones first because the white ones are placebo. If you want to start taking pills when you're not menstruating, it's actually not a problem but it means you need to use other contraceptives first like a condom, because birth control pills won't work right away. The delay is about 7 days before there is protection against pregnancy.

After this, all you have to do is follow the recommended use of the packaging, one item per day, which if possible at the same time to increase its effectiveness. If the pill has run out, continue with the new strip and start yellow again, regardless of your menstrual status. Likewise if you suddenly menstruate, do not need to stop and just continue as usual. This is because one of the side effects of the use of birth control pills is irregular menstruation, and on the other hand, the lack of birth control pills is that the protection will not be maximal if it is not consumed regularly, so that if it continually sticks to the menstrual cycle, which menstruation is You can be irregular yourself, you can be protected from pregnancy.

Our advice, if you get here you are still confused, there is something you want to ask or there is something that you still doubt, in order to avoid misunderstanding you should see an obstetrician directly to ask for an explanation from the beginning to the end regarding the use of birth control pills until you really understand, because this actually the competency of obstetricians. Record on paper if necessary.

After that, whatever the midwife or other person might say, come back based on your understanding when consulting an obstetrician. We are not saying the midwife who handles you must be wrong, but people can have their own ways of explaining something that sometimes causes confusion in the process, even though it turns out the intention is the same. So rather than you being confused, there is no need to understand the explanation of each person, just understand the explanation of one specialist doctor who is competent, and apply it. Even if you are still confused again, go back to your obstetrician and ask again. So, hopefully answering your question.

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