How To Take Birth Control Pills Correctly?

Illustration of How To Take Birth Control Pills Correctly?
Illustration: How To Take Birth Control Pills Correctly?

Good night, if you don’t have your period, but can you take birth control pills? There is no effect .. r nThe problem is I don’t understand how to take your pill … r nI have not had a menstruation this month … r nThank you ..

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Hello Cheeymuttz,

Birth control pills are an effective contraceptive to prevent pregnancy when used according to instructions for use. There are birth control pills that are in the preparation of 28 tablets, there are also 21 tablets. Seeing from your description I assume you are using 28 tablets.

28 tablets, consisting of 21 tablets containing hormones and 7 tablets "blank pills" or placebo. Birth control pills should be taken every day at the same time to be more effective in preventing pregnancy. The consumption of birth control pills is adjusted to the day and arrow in the pill pack.

For the first time taking birth control pills, it is recommended that taking hormonal pills on days 1-5 stimulate, the goal is that after completing menstruation the birth control pill has been effective in preventing pregnancy and also you are certainly not pregnant when taking birth control pills.

If your current condition is not menstruating and there is a history of late menstruation, you should first make sure whether late menstruation is related to pregnancy or not. You can try using a testpack to detect pregnancy. You can also immediately see a doctor or midwife to better ensure that you are pregnant or not.

If you are certainly not pregnant, then you can take birth control pills. If you start taking birth control pills not during menstruation, it is advisable to use additional contraceptives such as condoms for the first 5-7 days of birth control pills huh. After 1 week of birth control pills are expected to be effective and can be connected without a condom. Henceforth the birth control pill is taken every day at the same hour until it's finished and immediately followed by a new blister.

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Thank you

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