How To Take Birth Control Pills For The First Time?

Illustration of How To Take Birth Control Pills For The First Time?
Illustration: How To Take Birth Control Pills For The First Time?

hello doc, this is the first time I want to use the pill pb. On the mainstay pill pb in the instructions are advised to take the white pill (placebo) first for initial use of kb starting from the first day of menstruation whereas as far as I know, the hormone pills (cl) can be taken immediately starting from the first day of menstruation then placebo pills can be taken after all the hormone pills run out. Can I take hormone pills right from the first day of menstruation? or must follow the instructions from the mainstay fe package that starts from the placebo pill first ?. trmks.

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Hello Tirah T,

Andalan Fe pill contains a combination hormone (ethinylestradiol + levonorgestrel) and iron. Combination birth control pills can prevent pregnancy by up to 99% if appropriate use. The mainstay pill KB FE works to prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation so that there is no meeting between sperm cells and egg cells and makes the vaginal mucus thick, making it difficult for sperm movement. Iron helps overcome the symptoms of anemia that can appear during menstruation. Andalan Fe pill consists of 7 white iron pills and 21 yellow pills that contain hormones. Mainstay Fe Pill is taken every day 1 pill.

There are various ways to use this combination birth control pill. The instructions on the packaging usually recommend taking the pill on the first day of menstruation, following the day in the yellow circle behind the blister of the drug (usually hit on a placebo pill). Then follow the directions in the direction of the arrow, take the pill 1 day 1 and when it is finished can proceed to the next blister. If before the hormone pill runs out you have returned menstruation, still continue taking the new hormone pill and then continue with a new placebo blister pill. Today taking the placebo pill is the expected time of menstruation. This method makes it easier for mothers to not forget to take pills. Pills should also be taken at the same time every day, mothers can make reminders / reminders on a cell phone to help remember. Initial consumption of the first few months may not be in accordance with the mother's day on the blister, but this combination pill aims to regulate menstruation.

Another way to take this combination birth control pill is also by taking a hormone pill from the first day of menstruation (more recommended for the first time using contraception). Then continue taking 1 point hormone pill every day. If the hormone pill has finished 21 items and has not menstruated, please proceed to the next blister starting from the placebo pill then continuing 7 placebo + 21 hormone pills and so on. If menstruation is past day 3 and you are just about to take a hormone pill, you should use other contraceptives such as condoms when you are in contact for the next 7-10 days.

Andalan Fe pill can also be taken outside of menstruation, but you need to do a test pack first to make sure you are not pregnant. You can immediately take hormone pills.

Side effects that may arise when taking the pill Mainstay fe is

 Spotting / bleeding outside the menstrual cycle that generally occurs in the first 3 months of use Headache Nausea Changes in breast Changes in mood and emotions Increased body weight Such is my explanation, hopefully useful.

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