How To Take Birth Control Pills?

Illustration of How To Take Birth Control Pills?
Illustration: How To Take Birth Control Pills?

Tonight I want to ask before I have read the guide on how to take the right pill, but I am still confused, it says how good to take the pill first time on the first day of menstruation and it is recommended that every time you have to contact, you must wear a safty 14 days from the first day of drinking pills, and what I want to ask is that, too, after getting my period the following month and after menstruation, do I have to wear a safety bag or not?

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Birth control pills are one type of contraception that is widely used because of its relatively easy use, it does not require users to exercise periodic control to the doctor. This pill works by modifying hormonal balance in the body, specifically the reproductive hormones that regulate the release of mature eggs (ovulation), cervical mucus production, and also the proliferation of uterine cells. In this way, if used correctly, birth control pills can be very effective in preventing pregnancy.

However, you need to know, although it is relatively easy to get freely at pharmacies or health stores, you cannot actually use birth control pills. Birth control pills are not included as over-the-counter medicines, so their consumption is only right if you take them directly under the supervision of a doctor. Incorrect consumption of birth control pills has the potential to cause you to experience a variety of side effects, including allergies, indigestion, acne, headaches, dizziness, and even a higher risk of pregnancy.

For a variety of reasons above, it's not right we explain in detail the procedures for the consumption of birth control pills at a free forum like this.

In general, to be able to produce good effects in preventing pregnancy, birth control pills require 5 to 7 days from the beginning of their consumption. Therefore, after first taking birth control pills, you and your partner are advised not to have sex while waiting for birth control pills to work effectively. It could also, you and your partner use additional protection (for example condoms) during sexual intercourse to minimize the risk of pregnancy. This certainly only applies to the initial consumption of birth control pills. If after the birth control pill strip runs out you continue to consume it exactly the way recommended by your doctor, then the birth control pill will immediately work effectively without having to wait a few days as the initial time you took it.

That's all our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician.

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