How To Take KB Diane 35 Pills?

Illustration of How To Take KB Diane 35 Pills?
Illustration: How To Take KB Diane 35 Pills?

Good afternoon, I want to ask when I have to start taking the pill, because tomorrow I just want to get married, and last menstruation was a week ago. Very awaited the answer, thank you.

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Hello herlina

Thank you for asking

The birth control pill you are referring to is a drug that contains both estrogen and anti-androgens, so that it serves to prevent pregnancy in women. This medicine must be used based on a doctor's prescription, so you are not advised to buy this drug at the pharmacy if the doctor does not recommend it.

There are a number of things you should pay attention to when using birth control pills, such as the following:

 Minumpil KB for 21 days, and consumption at the same time every day. Take this medicine tablet directly with water. Avoid chewing tablets from this drug. It doesn't matter whether you take it before or after eating. Each package is marked with days of the week. Drink your first tablet from the red area on the pack according to the day of the week. Follow the arrow instructions on the pack until all the tablets have been drunk. If there is a missed Pill dose due to forgetfulness, then remember that it is recommended to take it immediately if the next dose is around 5 hours or more. If you have missed a day it is permissible to consume two pills at the same time in the next drinking schedule, but if you forget 2 days of eating a cup, consume 2 pills that have been temporarily missed before throwing them away. In such conditions the effectiveness of the drug can be reduced so it is recommended to be combined with other contraceptives such as condoms when having husband and wife. You can drink it at any time but it's best to drink it after you have your period so that your period becomes routine and regular. and preferably for 7 days of this use you can use protection such as condoms.

better if you want to start doing family planning you can consult your obstetrician first for the selection of birth control that is right for you, do not be using family planning without consultation because every KB has the effect and suitability of each individual.

Thus the info we can provide hopefully can help you

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