How To Teach A 10 Month Old Baby To Walk Properly?

Hello, r nMy child is 10 months old r nAlready propagated, and is learning to stand alone, r nMy questions are, r nWhat is the correct way to command a child? R nWith holding hands or underarms? R n nAnd how to stimulate children to want to start walking on their own. r n r nThank you

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Hi haputri,

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When they are 10 months old, babies are normally able to learn to stand up, for example by using a lot of vines and holding onto objects around them to straighten their bodies. Not only that, babies at this age are also adept at sitting on their own, rolling around, and seemingly impatient to be able to stand on their own.

It is important for parents and babysitters to always accompany the baby in every development process. To help babies learn to walk, one of the steps you can take is to instruct them.

Babies have a weak skeletal structure. Therefore, you should not do it by holding only your hands or fingers. Moreover, if your baby is not able to support his own weight. It is better if you hold the baby's armpits and torso to help him stand and walk. Also make sure you train your baby on a comfortable base, not too hard, but not too soft. Give your baby comfortable clothes, making it easier for him to move around. As much as possible, make sure the diaper is always dry so as not to make it difficult for her to walk. There is no need to give your baby shoes too early, as long as you can make sure that the bedding your baby steps on is clean. Do this stimulation several times a day. Don't push your baby too much. Just follow it, the flow of activities according to your child's favorite. Also give him time to rest if he looks tired. Also make sure your baby is full while exercising.

In addition to giving orders, here are steps you can also take to stimulate the baby to start walking on his own:

Place the object that the baby likes in an area that is higher and difficult for the baby to reach
Teach him to stand, then release his grip for a few moments, repeating until the baby can completely release the grip
Example the baby how to stand and walk, ask him to follow him
Give your baby a reward, such as a clap, hug, or kiss, when he gets up or walks on his own
There is no need to punish babies or force babies to stand up and walk quickly, rest assured that all children have a unique developmental phase, and cannot be generalized

If until the age of 24 months your baby still has not shown the ability to stand and walk on his own, do not hesitate to have it checked directly to a pediatrician in the growth and development subdivision for further treatment, ok?

I hope this helps.

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