How To Transmit HIV And How To Test For HIV Infection?

Illustration of How To Transmit HIV And How To Test For HIV Infection?
Illustration: How To Transmit HIV And How To Test For HIV Infection?

. A week ago I had sex but used a condom with someone I didn’t know about the history of the disease … is there any chance that I might get HIV? And can I check if I have HIV?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

HIV infection can be transmitted through several channels, including:

Sexual contact, both heterosexual and homosexual, through the mucosa (mucous membrane) genitals
Blood, blood products, tissue transplants / needles, syringes
Vertically from mother to fetus / baby through infection during labor, birth, or breast milk

Unprotected sexual intercourse with an unknown person is a risk factor for exposure to HIV infection. To identify whether you are infected with HIV, you can undergo an HIV test, which is by using a blood sample to identify the presence of HIV antibodies. There are several inspection methods that can be done, including: rapid test, ELISA and Western Bolt.

It should be understood that there are several things that affect the accuracy of HIV testing, including:

History of previous diseases that also affect the functioning of the immune system, for example: autoimmune diseases, leukemia, and other malignancies
The use of drugs that affect immune function, for example: corticosteroids, immunotherapy, chemotherapy
The window period (window period), namely the period of time in which antibodies to HIV have not been formed so that it cannot be detected on examination even though HIV infection actually has occurred. The window can cause someone who actually has been infected with HIV actually gets a negative result on examination. The duration of time ranges from 3-8 weeks since the infection occurred. Although antibodies are not detected, these patients have been able to transmit the HIV virus in that time period.

If you want to carry out an HIV examination, you are advised to consult directly in advance with your doctor or specialist in internal medicine in order to obtain counseling about the establishment of an HIV diagnosis, the examination required, and a treatment plan related to the results of the examination.

To prevent transmission of HIV, you should avoid risky sexual relations or the use of illegal drugs. To enrich your horizons, you can read articles about HIV testing. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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