How To Treat A Toothache That Has Not Healed For 2 Months?

Illustration of How To Treat A Toothache That Has Not Healed For 2 Months?
Illustration: How To Treat A Toothache That Has Not Healed For 2 Months?

Good night .. My mother had a toothache for almost 2 months and didn’t heal … Udh went for treatment. The tooth specialist still hurts … The cavities have cavities but the cavities have been destroyed. The doctor said my mother’s cavity had been badly damaged and had to be removed. Now how to relieve pain how y. Every day my mother was in pain. Take medicine cured an hour later pain again. Nothing works … What are the dangers …. Toothache prolonged like this. I can’t bear to see it until it cries and hurts. Get treatment 7 times. This neighbor’s neighbor has also been done. Buy a diapotik medicine already. Heal in an hour and two again. Information please

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Teeth with cavities that are severe enough can clearly trigger toothaches that are annoying, often recurring, and don't even heal for a long time. This pain arises due to the opening of the pulp (tooth root) which contains many nerve fibers. Not only pain, cavities can also make the gums become inflamed, bleed easily, bad breath becomes unpleasant, it is difficult to eat and talk, even other complaints appear more severe to the jaw or other parts of the head.

As the dentist told your mother, definitive treatment of cavities that are severe enough is usually done by pulling cavities, if indeed there is no longer any crowns and tooth roots that can be maintained. After the extraction, the doctor can fill the gap between the extracted teeth with dentures so that the structure of the jaw is not disrupted, and your mother can still chew food and talk without significant obstacles. In some conditions, if the tooth root can still be maintained, other treatment measures can also be taken, such as root canal treatment, dental crowns, and so on.

Invite your mother to consult again with the nearest dentist to find the best solution to overcome her complaints. Giving several types of drugs may help relieve pain and other symptoms, but this may not necessarily cure. As long as the cavities are not treated definitively (for example by extraction as your dentist recommends), then complaints can continue to recur, and recur. The faster your mother's teeth are treated, the symptoms will improve early, and the potential for dangerous complications (such as the spread of infection from the teeth to distant organs) can be prevented.

In the meantime, to minimize the potential for recurrence of pain, your mother can first do the following steps:

Pain medication consumption is only as directed by the doctor, do not carelessly buy drugs without a prescription Brush your teeth 3 times a day (morning, evening and night before going to bed) followed by gargling using salt water Do not consume foods or drinks that are too hard, too cold, too hot , or too sweet Don't poke your teeth. Use the other side of the tooth first (which isn't sick) to chew on a rather hard food. Hope it helps.

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