How To Treat Abscesses On Bridged Teeth?

Illustration of How To Treat Abscesses On Bridged Teeth?
Illustration: How To Treat Abscesses On Bridged Teeth?

Hello .. I’m now 19th. When I was in junior high school, I had a motorcycle accident. So that my front incisors are broken one half of the one 3/4. Then the one that was broken was half removed and dentures were made and lasted 1 year ago, it was broken. And the dentures lasted 3 years and then broke again. So I got a bridge made by a dentist near my house. My 3/4 broken tooth was sharpened and used as a support for the bridge. It was only 2 months before my incisors were made that the bridge hurt when I knocked it. And it hurts around the nose when you squeeze it. After the X-ray it turned out that there was an abscess on my supporting tooth. My question is, can my bridge teeth be removed and then replaced? Because the abscess removal required root canal treatment it meant that my teeth were drilled. The problem is unfortunately not half a year using the bridge, I have to replace a new one

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Hello Mitha. Thank you for the question.

Tooth abscess is a collection of pus inside the tooth, generally at the root of the tooth. A person has a higher risk of developing a bacterial infection if he consumes foods high in sugar, has poor dental hygiene, and if there are cavities in the teeth or tooth cracks. To treat this condition, doctors usually need to make a hole in the tooth to reach the abscess so that the source of this infection can be cleaned and treated further. The doctor may give antibiotics if the infection spreads to the surrounding tissue. Doctors will usually wait until this infection is completely resolved before determining the next step. Your bridge may still be used if the teeth that are used as support are still strong and the same shape as the previous condition. However, the doctor will recheck the condition of this tooth after recovering from the infection before deciding whether to replace the bridge or not. Meanwhile, please keep your teeth clean by brushing your teeth twice a day and also use an antiseptic mouthwash.

Please read the article:

Tooth abscess


Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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