How To Treat And Dry Accidental Wounds?

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About a week ago I was in an accident and there was a wide wound on the side of the sole of my right foot all the way down. Because my thumb was dislocated/sliding bone, in addition to the white bandage that was wrapped, the outside was covered with a brown bandage to protect the thumb but not to move, besides that it protected other wounds on the upper palm which were stitched up. Within a week I have checked 3x changing the bandage, and today the other part of the wound that was stitched has pulled the thread. From today onwards I don’t use brown bandages. only service to protect the wound. Starting tomorrow, I can do routine cleaning of my own wounds once a day. Here the wound is still wet but much drier than the first, is this due to the condition being covered by a bandage slowing down the drying, after 1 week? And how do I take care of it, is it enough 1x a day? My doctor’s advice, after cleaning, cover the gauze again. Does that not slow down the drying, what should I do? I was given by the doctor only NaCl solution to clean, as well as antibiotic tablets, and gauze. do you have any suggestions for ointment or other medicine to speed up the drying of the wound? Please respond, thank you.

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Caring for open wounds located on body parts that are easily exposed to dirt (such as feet) does require patience. Dressing wounds, as long as there are clear medical indications (eg to prevent displacement of dislocations between bones) is actually not dangerous and also does not hinder the healing process. With a bandage, it is hoped that the wound will not be more easily exposed to dirt that can trigger a secondary infection in the wound.

There are various techniques in wound care that can be done. This is determined based on the area of ​​the wound, the location of the wound, the cleanliness of the wound, and so on. The doctor who examines you certainly knows more about the best wound care technique for your wound condition. Therefore, we recommend consulting directly with him.

In the meantime, follow these tips to optimize your wound healing:

Perform wound care 2 times a day, in the morning and evening before going to bed. Use gloves when cleaning the wound. Wet gauze with NaCl solution, then squeeze out the water. Gently press the moistened gauze onto the wound, do not rub it excessively. Also clean the surrounding area. wound Use new, moistened gauze to cover the wound Recover the moistened gauze with a drier gauze over it. Apply a bandage, but not too tight. In addition, protect the injured foot from exposure to dirt and excess moisture. Use loose pants and clean and comfortable footwear so as not to cause excessive friction on the wound. Consumption of foods rich in protein and vitamin C to support the healing process.

Carry out regular control of your wound to the surgeon according to the recommended schedule. If there are complaints about the wound, such as pain, swelling, bleeding, or an unpleasant smelling pus, consult a doctor immediately.

With good wound care, the wound should heal and dry on its own within 1 to 2 months. Avoid applying or sprinkling anything on the wound unless prescribed by a doctor.

Open wound care

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