How To Treat Bipolar Disorder?

Illustration of How To Treat Bipolar Disorder?
Illustration: How To Treat Bipolar Disorder?

Hello! I have a friend who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I would love to help him recover or prevent it, but how do I help him?

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Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by mood disorders that can move between depression and mania. As with most other mental disorders, bipolar disorder is a disease that can suffer for a lifetime and therapy that can be given now is therapy to control the symptoms that arise. The recommended therapy for bipolar sufferers is psychotherapy (talk therapy with a psychiatrist or psychologist) and also administration of drugs. If there is a tendency to kill yourself or hurt yourself, the patient will be strongly advised to be hospitalized.

To be able to help your friend, you should advise your friend to see a psychiatrist. If indeed your friend has checked into a psychiatrist and diagnosed with bipolar disorder by his psychiatrist, then as a friend you can do is remind your friends to take medication regularly and also continue to exercise control to their psychiatrist regularly. Accept your friends as they are, and make sure your friends know where to go when thoughts of suicide (when you are in a period of depression).

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