How To Treat Boils Naturally?

Illustration of How To Treat Boils Naturally?
Illustration: How To Treat Boils Naturally?

Assalammulaikum dokI named puput I am 19 years old. Already a few days my legs hurt at the knees of my feet, the initial red felt like that, then a long time “I scratched and I felt sore, apparently some hearts and then there was a small lump in my knee, then I pressed, then the old time “became scythe and red outside, then it was added more and more added, it was swollen, ” Gimna how to cure naturally, the problem was very painful feeling throbbing “so fast, doktWasalammaikaikum

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Boils or abscesses in medical language are benign swellings or skin tumors that contain pus in the membranes or sacs. This pus is a collection of dead tissue, bacteria and immune cells. Ulcers caused by a bacterial infection of the skin. The swelling that forms can be enlarged, reddish and cause pain.
You can try applying a cream or ointment to skin antibiotics and taking pills to take painkillers. Also do a compress with a warm cloth. Do not press the boil firmly, just put it. If the swelling and other signs of inflammation have not diminished or are becoming increasingly heavy, consult your nearest doctor. The doctor will do an examination. Next the doctor will plan to perform minor surgery if needed. By making an incision in the boil, then remove the contents sterically under the control of local anesthesia. So you don't need to worry.
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