How To Treat Cavities?

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doctor. I want to ask. How long is the period for filling the tooth?rnThen, I have a tooth with a cavity, should it be patched or extracted?rnI had time to go to the dentist, when I wanted to have my tooth filled, Kanya shouldn’t be at the dentist. when sick. but when I feel that my teeth are not sore, when they are cleaned I feel pain because of the cleaning tools. then what should be done? Does pulling teeth also go through the process of cleaning cavities?rPlease explain

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The cavity will be examined by a dentist, and the dentist will determine whether the tooth can be filled or not. Usually if there is inflammation or infection, it will be relieved first with medication. In addition, the cavities will also be cleaned. In this process, it is natural to feel a little pain because the cavities cause the inside of the tooth, including the innervation of the tooth to be exposed, causing pain. If the infection has subsided, a new patch will be done. If the cavities have decayed or died, the doctor will perform extractions to prevent the infection from spreading.

To find out whether or not teeth can be patched, of course, must be directly examined by a dentist. You should now go to the dentist to have your teeth checked again. Your dentist can determine the appropriate treatment for you.

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