How To Treat Chest Pain?

Illustration of How To Treat Chest Pain?
Illustration: How To Treat Chest Pain?

Good night, before I was convicted by a chronic magh doctor. I want to ask why every time I sit for a long time, my chest, the lower left side of the breast, how come it hurts? It feels like being stabbed.

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Pain in the left chest is a condition that can be caused by several conditions or certain diseases, including:

Heart disease. In heart disease, left chest pain is generally like being squeezed or depressed by heavy objects, and accompanied by additional symptoms, such as cold sweat, palpitations, pain radiating to the back, left arm, or chin. Some risk factors for heart disease are old age (above 50), a history of high blood pressure, obesity, a history of diabetes, and previous high cholesterol, and smoking habits. Muscle pain, can be caused by excessive physical activity, exercise without heating, lifting heavy loads, wrong posture when sleeping or sitting in natural time, etc. Pain due to this condition will generally improve by itself with adequate rest. Stomach disease (Gastritis, GERD). Generally accompanied or preceded by pain in the solar plexus, nausea, vomiting, and then spreads up to the chest. Chronic cough. In certain diseases, such as lung infections, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, tuberculosis, where there are symptoms of prolonged cough (more than 1 month), can be accompanied by symptoms of chest pain due to excessive coughing. Breast tumors, which form a lump on the breast that can be accompanied by pain If you have previously experienced stomach upset, then some things you can do are:

Manage a good diet Avoiding spicy or acidic foods Consuming sufficient amounts of water Consuming drugs that have been given by doctors regularly Avoid the use of drugs (such as pain medications) continuously without a doctor's recommendation Avoid stress Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption If your symptoms do not improve with these things, then I advise you to consult a general practitioner or specialist in internal medicine so that a more complete examination, such as a physical examination, heart record, blood laboratory examination, endoscopy (gastroscopy or colonoscopy), radiology (x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, etc.), so you can find out the cause of your disease, and if appropriate treatment is needed.

Especially for heart disease, if you experience similar symptoms, immediately check with the Emergency Department at the nearest health facility.

Thus, hopefully can help.

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