How To Treat Corona Virus Infection Without Symptoms?

Illustration of How To Treat Corona Virus Infection Without Symptoms?
Illustration: How To Treat Corona Virus Infection Without Symptoms?

Good morning, Doc. Want to ask, how about those infected with Corona but there are no symptoms? As I see, many disosmed are recommended for independent isolation at home, what should I do if it’s like that? Is there a possibility of recovery because there are no symptoms, shortness of breath that is felt when infected with a corony like what doc? If feeling chest weight / breath what to do for first aid related to a lot of hospitals full so want to know what to do first? Thank you

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Hello Bustami

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, while the corona virus outbreak, makes everyone panic, causing them to get sick because of their worries because their thoughts about everything that is sick will be linked to this virus. this disorder can be called psychosomatic. we already know that this corona virus disease is caused by the sars cov 2 virus, which attacks the respiratory tract both mild and severe but can also not cause symptoms because they have good endurance so their bodies do not cause symptoms especially this in young people. but they carry the corona virus in the body which can spread to other people who have a low immune system such as children, the elderly, and people who have other diseases. therefore the government and the health ministry to encourage all to stay at home to break the chain of transmission. and if you have to go out, you must maintain a distance of at least 1 meter. and keep doing precautions such as diligent hand washing, adequate rest, avoid acidity, consume healthy and nutritious food, even though we have good endurance, we must keep managing it so it does not drop.

while for shortness of breath due to this corona virus, it is conditioned when you have difficulty breathing or not getting enough air intake. This is different from shortness of breath after exercise, and due to the origin of allergens. shortness of breath is caused due to infection in the lungs which will be accompanied by high fever, shortness of breath and chest pain. if it is caused by an infection then the patient must immediately be brought to the nearest hospital, it is not allowed to postpone it because there are symptoms of emergency. different from asthma where they can reduce the tightness by avoiding alergan factors. or because of other causes such as anxiety and fatigue.

There are a number of things that can be done while bringing to the doctor

 sit with your body leaning forward sit by leaning your head to the table with leaning back so that the info I can give

hopefully can help you

just stay home and keep your distance

thank you

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