How To Treat Cysts With A History Of Cysts A Year Ago

Illustration of How To Treat Cysts With A History Of Cysts A Year Ago
Illustration: How To Treat Cysts With A History Of Cysts A Year Ago

Doc … want to ask .. My mother had a cyst surgery a year ago … and yesterday checked … USG. he said there were cysts again. The doctor checked the doctor … and then this doctor suggested buying Visanne medicine. Will Visanne remove the dyst cyst? please hint .. do you really need to operate again?

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There was a history of cysts a year ago and when it had undergone a surgical procedure, but at this time your mother was declared to have a new cyst complaint, then if the cyst is not too large in size, no cyst removal is necessary. So the administration of drugs is expected to prevent these cysts from getting bigger or it is expected that these cysts can shrink.

In general, this ovarian cyst is a walled pouch and contains fluid that grows abnormally on the ovary. Patients with ovarian cysts often do not feel the accompanying symptoms that interfere, even if there are complaints, patients can feel comorbid complaints in the form of:

Depression in the abdominal area
Pain in the pelvic area
Sudden and severe pain in large or twisted cysts
Complaints of urination and bowel movements, especially in large cysts
Nausea and vomiting
Pain during sex
Unusual vaginal bleeding

In mild cases, this complaint is very rarely give complaints, however, in cases of severe or large cysts, can cause complaints that interfere with painful and sudden pain. However, you should not wait for complications from cysts that are increasingly disturbing, the handling of the crew as early as possible is done to help the process of care and appropriate treatment for your mother.

Ovarian cysts arise due to several conditions, such as:

Hormonal influence of womanhood
Endometriosis or brown cysts

Therefore, not all cysts require surgery. Surgical procedures on cysts will be done if:

Great pain
Cyst size is getting bigger
Cannot disappear naturally
Investigations give an unusual cyst picture

Thus, if the size of the cyst does not increase in size, the doctor can plan for hormonal observation and treatment. Because one of the causes of cysts is hormonal influence, the doctor can give the prescribed medication to help reduce this complaint. The prescription medication your mother received is a hormonal drug to help treat cysts. During taking the drug, the doctor will evaluate and observe the risk of an enlarged cyst size. If this happens, then a surgical procedure might be considered.

For now, it's best for your mother to continue with the doctor's plans and routine control according to the schedule. Furthermore, idealizing weight and regular exercise are expected to help control this complaint.

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