How To Treat Herpes In The Groin Postpartum?

Illustration of How To Treat Herpes In The Groin Postpartum?
Illustration: How To Treat Herpes In The Groin Postpartum?

. last week I had just given birth to my first child normally. Now my groin has herpes, the midwife said it has the effect of a bandage. I use ointment and always clean the crotch with soap given by the midwife. How is the solution, please enlighten me, I’m afraid my app has just breastfed the first child, is it dangerous or not

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Hello Riyani,

Thank you for asking

It should be clarified, exactly what kind of complaint do you experience in your groin?

There are 2 types of herpes, each of which has different symptoms. Maybe what your midwife means is shingles.

Shingles occurs due to reactivation of the Varicella zoster virus, a virus that previously caused chickenpox. After dormant near the central nervous system, the virus can reactivate and travel through nerve fibers to the skin, causing a complaint in the form of watery skin rashes, whose location is limited to one side of the skin supplied by the affected nerve fibers. This rash often appears accompanied by itching, heat, and aches that can spread to the muscles and joints around it. Patients also often feel dizzy, weak, unwell, decreased appetite, more sensitive to light, easily dazzled, and many other complaints.

Is this really the condition that you are experiencing?

If yes, then this condition is actually not related to the use of pads. Shingles is more at risk for people who have had chickenpox before, and whose immune system is decreasing, for example due to fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, and various other causes.

However, you also need to know, that not infrequently, clinical symptoms due to shingles can be very similar to other conditions, for example irritant contact dermatitis, folliculitis, scabies, miliaria, allergic contact dermatitis, insect bites, drug eruptions, herpes simplex, and so on. Skin irritation or allergy due to improper use of sanitary pads can also lead to clinical manifestations similar to shingles.

Better, you first check your condition to the doctor or dermatologist to identify the exact cause of your complaint, whether it is true herpes, or not. Handling what needs to be given certainly depends on the cause of your complaint. If herpes is true, often the doctor will give you several types of drugs, including anti-virus.

In the meantime, you should focus on improving body hygiene first, especially in your groin area. If using pads, choose pads that are soft, have high absorbency, and replace these pads at least 4 hours or every time it's full. Avoid using pants that are tight and made from heat. Also avoid holding the groin area with dirty hands. No less important, do not carelessly provide treatment for complaints in the groin without the advice of a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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