How To Treat HIV For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of How To Treat HIV For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: How To Treat HIV For Pregnant Women?

How is HIV treatment in pregnant women

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AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is an infectious disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. When a pregnant woman is infected with HIV, the virus will pass the virus to her fetus during pregnancy, during childbirth and childbirth and breastfeeding, therefore women who are infected with HIV cannot breastfeed. Therefore pregnant women who are at risk of getting HIV should undergo HIV screening in your first pregnancy, in the third trimester of pregnancy, after the birth of your baby. The test performed is the HIV antibody test, which aims to look for HIV antibodies in the blood, if the first test results are positive, then within a few weeks a second examination is carried out, and if the second test results are positive then HIV positive and must undergo HIV treatment.

Taking anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy can reduce the amount of HIV in the mother's body, and can reduce the risk of transmitting to her baby, some anti-HIV drugs can also be passed to the baby through the placenta or placenta, so that the anti-HIV drugs in the baby's body will protect against HIV infection. After birth, babies born to HIV-infected mothers should be given anti-HIV drugs.

During pregnancy, pregnant women will get a different drug regimen (combination).
During labor, still get IV zidovudine and take the regimen
After birth, babies born to HIV-infected women will receive zidovudine for 6 weeks

You should always tell your doctor about your health condition, about your medical history, whether you are currently taking or have ever taken anti-HIV drugs, or tell your gynecologist if you are a woman who is at risk of contracting HIV. So that examination and treatment are immediately carried out.

Some suggestions for you

Avoid casual sex by changing partners
Use a shield or condom to avoid contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases
Take control of your pregnancy routine
Take anti-HIV drugs regularly if you are infected with HIV
Eat foods that are highly nutritious for your immune system or for the health of your fetus.

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