How To Treat Lepidopterophobia?

Illustration of How To Treat Lepidopterophobia?
Illustration: How To Treat Lepidopterophobia?

Hallo.I have Lepidopterophobia (?) Every time I meet or see butterflies, they always scream, shaking, cold dry, crying, until they faint (?) How do I deal with that? The problem is even at the event or where there are butterflies always shouting reflexes, etc. That’s all … thanks (:

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Lepidopterophobia is a term for those who have excessive fear or phobias of butterflies, moths, or other winged insects that look similar. This phobia condition is included in the category of specific phobia, where a person experiences excessive fear and discomfort towards a certain specific thing. Other examples are fear of heights, fear of seeing blood, fear of narrow spaces, fear of spiders, and so forth.

This condition is not yet known the cause. Some are triggered by unpleasant events in the past, regardless of whether the person remembers them or not, and some also occur as symbolic of other traumatic experiences in childhood.

In dealing with this condition, you need help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are various therapies such as behavioral therapy, desensitization, hypnotherapy, and so on that can help you reduce your fear of butterflies. In some cases medication may be needed in the form of oral medication, but the main treatment options remain in the form of psychotherapy as we mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, there isn't really much you can do independently. So if you feel very disturbed, you should immediately check yourself. You can try practicing first at home by looking at a butterfly image in the form of a cartoon, then if you are brave you can see the original butterfly image but in a small size or placed far away, then closer, bigger, toys or dolls in the shape of a butterfly until finally a real butterfly. So, hopefully answering your question.

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