How To Treat Nasal Polyps?

Illustration of How To Treat Nasal Polyps?
Illustration: How To Treat Nasal Polyps?

I have experienced a blocked nose, breathing sometimes relies on the mouth. Mucous throat, Ear feels less than the maximum, etc. relating to mucus in the nose, ears, throat. Does this require immediate surgery, or can indeed try treatment for 7-10 days. If you see I’ve experienced this for almost 10 years, as I recall

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Increased nose and throat mucus production, accompanied by nasal congestion and hearing loss can be caused by various factors, for example rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity), rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the nasal and sinus cavities), nasal polyps (benign tumors originating from the nasal mucosa), cancer nasopharynx (malignant tumors in the back of the nose of the nose), deviation of the nasal septum (obstructive bone of the nasal cavity), immune disorders (eg cystic fibrosis), or other respiratory infections (acute respiratory infections).

This condition, if it occurs only occasionally and improves in a short time with proper handling, is often not a dangerous thing. However, if the complaint lasts for a very long time, obviously you should not let it. In addition to disrupting activities, if your condition is related to an infection, then infection from the nose and / or throat can spread, not only to the ear (and potentially causing permanent deafness) or other distant organs (including the brain).

Consult yourself directly to the doctor or ENT specialist so that your condition can be evaluated more deeply the cause. Depending on the cause, your condition can later be handled by doctors in various ways. For example, if the cause is related to an allergic reaction, then treatment can be done by identifying the allergen, administering the drug, nasal irrigation, to immunotherapy. If the cause is related to an infection, then drugs, such as antibiotics, can be given depending on the microorganism that causes the infection. And if the cause is related to nasal polyps, then besides symptomatic drug administration, surgery can also be done. Early treatment can get your complaint resolved early, and potential serious complications can be avoided.

At home, you can do the following:

Do not carelessly take medication, unless the doctor prescribes it directly
Diligent nasal irrigation, using intravenous fluids that are sprayed into the nose through syringes (injections that have been removed by the needle)
Avoid substances that might cause you to be allergic, for example cold, dust, animal hair or manure, pollen, smoke
Don't smoke, stay away from the smoke too
Keep the environment where you are active always clean
Use a mask
Eat a variety of balanced nutritious foods, especially those that contain rich vitamin C
Don't overeat and drink cold
Rest and exercise regularly

Hope this helps.

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