How To Treat Neurofibroma?

Illustration of How To Treat Neurofibroma?
Illustration: How To Treat Neurofibroma?

What is the cure for neurofibroma

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Maybe what you mean is neurofibromas.

Neurofibroma is a benign tumor on the membrane covering peripheral nerve cells. These tumors can grow on the skin (dermal neurofibroma), spinal cord (spinal neurofibroma), or in the peripheral nervous system (plexiform neurofibroma). Neurofibromas are often associated with genetic defects and mutations that can occur spontaneously or be inherited. Based on the type, these tumors are classified into 3, namely:

Neurofibromatosis type 1 Caused by a mutation of the NF 1 gene on chromosome 17, which causes the production of neurofibromin protein Characterized by the appearance of cafe au lait macules, black spots in the groin or armpit, lumps on the skin, bone deformities, tumors in the optic nerve, increased volume brain, short stature Neurofibromatosis type 2 Caused by mutation of the NF 2 gene on chromosome 22, which causes no production of merlin protein Characterized by acoustic neuroma, numbness in the hands and feet, pain, facial nerve damage, cataracts, meningioma Schwannomatosis Caused by mutations of both genes above Characterized by pain, loss of muscle mass, numbness and weakness in various parts of the body, visual disturbances, cardiovascular disorders, hormonal disorders, etc. Treatment of neurofibromas can vary depending on age, which nerves are affected, tolerance to treatment and also progressivity of the disease. This treatment is generally carried out comprehensively by involving a skin specialist, neurologist, or other specialist depending on the condition of the disease. The therapeutic modalities that can be done are surgery to remove tumors, stereotactic radiosurgery, or also administration of drugs. Selection of the best type of therapy should be discussed directly with the examining doctor.

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